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Hometown Love Spotlight: Kretchmar’s Bakery


Oh, the memories this amazing bakery is tied to in my life. Kretchmar’s Bakery has been a part of so many of my family milestones including birthdays, graduations parties, and baby showers. Now as part of my 20-year professional career, I get to share goodies with my clients to celebrate their closings. They were anRead More >>

Hometown Love Spotlight: Rosalind Candy Castle


February is the perfect month to feature my next Hometown Love. When I think of the best places I’ve been visiting since I was a kid, one of my favorites is definitely Rosalind Candy Castle in New Brighton.  I love learning the history of long standing local businesses and Rosalind Candy Castle has a coolRead More >>

Hometown Love Spotlight: Beavtown T’s


I’m a Hometown Realtor that’s all about showing some Hometown Love for our local businesses, especially our shops & restaurants who need us more than ever right now. From time to time I’ll be featuring different Hometown businesses right here on my website and my social media pages. My first Hometown Love Spotlight belongs toRead More >>

Reduce/ Reuse/ Recycle to Your Benefit!


2020 has been interesting to say the least. Whether we liked it or not, we all got to spend more time at home than most of us usually do. I know several friends who used the “inside time” to do mini home projects and others that used the time to declutter a few rooms. InRead More >>

Curb Appeal


No matter the time of year…whether the ground is covered in lush green or powdery white snow…the outside appearance of your house is a potential buyer’s first impression. We all know how important first impressions are in life and it’s no different in home buying, first impressions indeed make a difference. When you’re looking toRead More >>

Charlie Chats


Hey! I’m Charlie…the Peluso’s first cool griff to join the fam! Here’s a real snazzy pic of me with my fav peeps. So, I just found out I was given a job on this cool new website (guess I gotta earn my food nowadays, but really I don’t mind). I get to add my ownRead More >>