Hometown Love Spotlight: Rosalind Candy Castle

February is the perfect month to feature my next Hometown Love. When I think of the best places I’ve been visiting since I was a kid, one of my favorites is definitely Rosalind Candy Castle in New Brighton. 

I love learning the history of long standing local businesses and Rosalind Candy Castle has a cool story of how the roots of the famous chocolate confectionery company started over 100 years ago right here in Beaver County! 
Did you know the founder of Rosalind Candy Castle, Gust Zachos, originally opened a restaurant/soda business in Freedom, PA? When the restaurant had its slow periods, the owner would create chocolate confections he had learned to make from his origins and relatives in Greece. As you can imagine the candy part was a major hit and Gust decided to put more focus on the candy vs restaurant. With this new focus he needed a name and new storefront. After a naming contest he chose Rosalind (because he liked the name and he liked roses) and Candy Castle (because well it looked awesome in the logo and who doesn’t like castles?!?)
Gust moved the store from Freedom to Rochester then to New Brighton and hired a young lady named Elizabeth to help manage the candy portion of the business. The candy store is where Elizabeth met her husband John Crudden, who actually ended up working for Rosalind Candy Castle. The candy demand was becoming even greater and Gust needed a larger building so he built the permanent home we all love to visit in New Brighton in 1952. 
Shorty after opening the new building, Gust became ill and unfortunately passed away. Elizabeth and John Crudden loved the business and believed in the importance of carrying on the tradition of making the best quality chocolate confections. They became the new owners of Rosalind Candy Castle. Tradition continues…their son, Jim and now grandchildren Michael and Jennifer run the business taking pride in all that they do!
Did you know?
-Rosalind Candy Castle is the oldest candy store in Beaver County and has been voted the Best Candy by Beaver County Times Readers Choice for many years, most recently in 2020! 
-Their #1 Best Seller: Chocolate Covered Pretzels 
-Kids get a fun castle crown when they come in and visit…now that’s Royal Treatment! 
-You can buy in store, online and from tons of local grocery stores and boutiques find a location near you
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