Hometown Love Spotlight: Kretchmar’s Bakery

Oh, the memories this amazing bakery is tied to in my life. Kretchmar’s Bakery has been a part of so many of my family milestones including birthdays, graduations parties, and baby showers. Now as part of my 20-year professional career, I get to share goodies with my clients to celebrate their closings. They were an easy choice as my next Hometown Love! 

Baking runs in the family, it started with Henry Kretchmar, Sr. back in Hilton, WV in the 1920s. There he started his baking career learning the ropes before heading to Bridgewater, PA in 1940. He worked for Keystone Baking as their head of pastries and cakes. However, it was not until 1960 that he decided to take a major risk. It’s never too late to follow your dreams, so at the age of 55 Henry Sr. took out a second mortgage and opened his own storefront in downtown Beaver. 

Henry Sr. successfully ran the bakery for 15 years when his son Henry Jr. “Hank” took over the reins in 1975. Not only did Hank make it a goal to continue to be the best specialty bakery in the area, it was his passion to introduce a gourmet selection of pastries to the locals. Hank traveled across Europe and studied to become a Certified Master Baker. He perfected many of the pastries you and your families enjoy today! 

Baking for the Kretchmar’s is a generational success story. Lincoln would take up the mantle from his father Hank in the early 2000s. This third-generation baker, moved back home after stints in San Francisco and New York City with the goal of working side-by-side with his father to continue the family legacy. Lincoln and his wife Desiree are now owners of the bakery and just like the two generations before them are raising their families in this same community. 

There are many reasons Kretchmar’s Bakery is a Hometown Love of mine, like the yummy Bavarian pretzel in the fall, but to name just a few: 

  • Community…this is a big part of the Kretchmar’s recipe – living and working in Beaver for 60+ years. Giving back through participation in the community or opening their doors for tours, school events, scouts, or other community events to highlight the many family-owned businesses of Beaver. Lincoln absolutely loves this part of his job; he enjoys showing off all the aspects that make up their bakery and his hometown. 
  • Loyalty…several of the Kretchmar’s employees have been there for decades. Head baker, Carl is celebrating 35 years this year. While his wife Maureen, Sales Manager, AM just celebrated 25 years last year! They celebrated by raising donations to the Beaver County Humane Society.
  • Making Memories…whether it is a birthday, first communion, graduation, wedding, baby shower, Friday goodies for co-workers, or a special treat after school with family/friends…Kretchmar’s Bakery is ready to deliver on taste & smiles! 

They take pride in all that they do and that is why it has been a cherished Beaver business for six decades and counting!