Charlie Chats

Hey! I’m Charlie…the Peluso’s first cool griff to join the fam! Here’s a real snazzy pic of me with my fav peeps. So, I just found out I was given a job on this cool new website (guess I gotta earn my food nowadays, but really I don’t mind). I get to add my own blog posts every so often…I’m calling them ‘Charlie Chats’. I gotta say this is a pretty gnarly thing for me…I like the challenge of thinking of some cool topics throughout the year! Be on the lookout for sweet happenings around the county and the ‘burgh! Heck I might check out some new places that are popping up or just chat with you about whatever is on my mind…believe me I’ve had some time to think over these past few months of being quarantined inside!

I thought my first post would be about my fav girl, Angie. Not only is she the best fur mama, she is one amazing mama to her two kiddos, Ella (14) and Jake (11). She is also amazing at her other job…that Real Estate thingy! Yep she has been killing it for 19 years…helping so many people! As busy as she is she still has been there for all of Ella & Jake’s activities, family is really everything to her! In addition to work and personal stuff did you know she is very involved in charitable work? She has been on the board for our local Salvation Army chapter for a few years now and is currently volunteering her time and efforts with fundraising, so the Salvation Army can continue to help serve those within our community. I think it’s pretty cool and shows another way she is helping others! Did you know she is giving a donation at every closing she has to The Salvation Army? Paws up…I’m proud to call her mom and think she is without a doubt The Best of The Valley! Until next time…stop and enjoy the little things like jumping in puddles after a summer rain, just because!