Reduce/ Reuse/ Recycle to Your Benefit!

2020 has been interesting to say the least. Whether we liked it or not, we all got to spend more time at home than most of us usually do. I know several friends who used the “inside time” to do mini home projects and others that used the time to declutter a few rooms. In the real estate world, we tend to look at decluttering from two ways. Think ‘less is more’, as a seller you’ll want to 1) clean up and remove clutter throughout, so your house is more appealing to potential buyers. Buyers want to see themselves in your house, they want to feel comfortable making it their own. The second bonus to decluttering is 2) you’ll have less to move with during the moving process…yes, less boxes…yay! 

So now you’re probably wondering why I choose to share with you this House Beautiful article about the 8 Things You Should Never Pass Up at Goodwill’. Well I’m referring to the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?’ Many thrift store or yard sale ‘finds’ can be the perfect less expensive route to spruce up your house! The right added touches can be perfect for ‘staging your house’ when you’re ready to sell! The goal of house staging is to make your house as appealing as possible to those potential buyers. Again, those touring your house want to feel this could really be ‘home sweet home’ and the right décor can make a difference. I thought this article was fun and informative on how to approach finding those certain pieces at thrift stores and/or yard sales!

Happy Thrifting!